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Adhesion and Security Solutions for Flexible and Rigid Packaging

PackEdge Global advises technology-based solutions to ensure packaging integrity throughout the supply chain. We provide leading-edge services to consumer and industrial packaging segments, including food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical / nutraceutical, medical, chemical, automotive, and personal care segments.

Rigid Packaging Sealing

Why Packedge Global?


We analyze, trial and recommend the most optimal surface modification system designs and treatment protocols for a wide range of flexible and rigid packaging material surfaces to maximize adhesive, ink and coating adhesions. System and treatment protocol solutions include corona, plasma, flame, or hybrid treatment systems.


We provide rapid, accurate, and confidential material surface characterization analyses to identify opportunities to maximize interfacial adhesion.


We help customers across diverse industries integrate product authentication technologies throughout the supply chain to ensure brand authentication and consumer safety.


We specify rigid package sealing solutions which provide tamper evidence and protection at point-of-sale.

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