The increasing potential for counterfeiting within complex global supply chains has made it progressively challenging to ensure the quality, performance and integrity of goods. In this environment, product manufacturers have fallen prey to suppliers who substitute specified raw materials with cheap, lower-quality materials to gain a market advantage.

Commonly, companies are forced to rely on the paper trail, where documents themselves can be forged. Some companies are working toward “blockchain” systems to capture data from documents, or tests in a holistic chain-of-custody database, but these are not easy to implement in supply chains that have typically operated in silos. At the other end of the spectrum are rare earth materials and various fluorescent tracers, which can or have already been compromised.

Plasma surface modification technology for simultaneously improving surface adhesion and grafting molecular-level authentication technology is ground-breaking. And when combined with the forensic resolution of an invisible, highly dense information taggant, both technologies work synergistically to strongly bind and then authenticate products with little change to existing manufacturing processes. 

What we offer

PackEdge Global’s surface modification services include:

  • Consult/Recommend: Plasma activation and taggant entrainment parameters necessary to maximize taggant grafting and forensic identification at material surfaces.
  • Evaluate/Advise: Appropriate plasma equipment and the application parameters required to reach adhesion and authentication goals.
  • Develop/Deliver: Trial protocols and matrices to evaluate and confirm material surface modification and grafting requirements.
  • Train: Employees so they possess the knowledge required to achieve and maintain operational standards for adhesion and authentication consistency.