Surface Modification

High-performance materials such as polymers, metals, paper, textiles, and composite materials are widely used in the production of high technology products. The properties of these materials are well-suited for manufacturing high-performance products for several reasons:

  1. They can be relatively inexpensive,
  2. They can be easily fabricated into two-dimensional web-based materials or three-dimensional
    shapes, and
  3. Their physical bulk properties can be conducive for critical performance characteristics such as rigidity, temperature stability, moisture/oxygen barrier, and product protection.

Typically, optimum surface modification parameters are rarely optimized to achieve bonding requirements for proper fabrication. Applying the most appropriate surface preparation to the primary bonding elements (substrate, adhesive) is a critical first step to provide consistent and reliable adhesive or cohesive bond strength.

What we offer

PackEdge Global’s surface modification services include:

  1. Consult/Recommend: Maximization of mechanical interlocking, chemical functionalization,
    surface absorption, and surface charge properties to reach optimal molecular entanglement
    and adhesion.
  2. Evaluate/Advise: Appropriate surface modification equipment and the application
    parameters required to reach adhesion goals.
  3. Develop/Deliver: Trial protocols and matrices to evaluate and confirm material surface
    modification requirements.
  4. Train: Employees so they possess the knowledge required to achieve and maintain
    operational standards for adhesion consistency.